The Beyond Burgers Story

In 2009 we started out with the idea of selling homemade Italian foods at our local farmers market. Rick, with the help of the health inspector at the time, designed and built our first mobile kitchen out of an old travel trailer and we called it Mama Mias. After 2 years of operation we realized it was more lucrative to sell other types of foods so we repainted the trailer, revamped the menu, changed the name and became Beyond Burgers. We chose this name because we knew that not only were we going to be making and selling burgers but we were going to go BEYOND that. We now make and sell a wide variety of fresh homemade foods and have since then gone from selling food at our local market to attending events, catering, opening on a daily basis and even travelling out of town. In 2014 we sold our old mobile and we designed and built a new mobile kitchen that better suited our needs especially when attending the bigger events. In 2015 we put in a bid to operate the concession at the Terrace Sportsplex and got it so we now operate there during the winter months and run our mobile for the summer months.

We go beyond and now offer a variety of foods including soups and Keto friendly options.


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